True Story Comedy Podcast
True Story Comedy Podcast

NPS Podcast Episode 033: Chris Killed His Mother

On this week’s episode:

Chris gets a new nickname,

Sal and Chris ponder losing their libido,

Chris recalls seeing the pics of his grandparents naked,

Sal reveals what it’s like to drive with his daughter,

Chris and Sal talk about robotic cars,

Sal shares his experience trying to get care through the VA,

Chris talks about his drive with his family to Montana and the alpine luge,

Sal explains the hanger game that he plays with his wife,

Sal calls out the Dikks,

Chris explains why his child might have mental issues,

Chris shares his deviant side,

Sal bombs on a story in Chris’s eyes,

Chris shares that he comes from an extensive line of thieves,

Chris tells a story about his brother and his accusation,

Sell shares a story of a mishap at work,

Chris reveals the dumb things he used to do on the flight line,

Chris reads an email from a listener,

Sal unveils the details of the NPS Dikk Olympics/Listener party on Aug 19,

Sal and Chris argue about participation in the Dikk Olympics,

We listen to some Voice Mail Messages,

Something died in Sal’s new shop.

Promo Clip:

Verbal Smash –

Music Intro:

The Unipiper – “Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes”

Music Outro:
Kyle Hartman – “Not Playing Stupid Outro Music”

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