True Story Comedy Podcast
True Story Comedy Podcast

NPS Podcast Episode 018: Lie Your Face Off

On this week’s episode:

Chris and Sal talk about the amazing Snow Dikk Sal made in his front yard.

Sal and Chris listen to voicemail from a listener.

Sal tells a story about a recent interaction with a police officer.

Chris tells how he loved playing God by peeing on ants.

Sal recalls a story where he may have pissed on someone by accident.

Chris reveals that he poured his piss on a female co-workers’ bike.

Chris caught a guy pissing on his door when he was living in Germany.

Sal remembers a story where these bean bags stole a keg from a party he was at.

Chris reads an amazing email from a listener.

Chris gets away with getting a speeding ticket on his motorcycle.

Sal talks about getting drunk on previous Black Fridays.

Chris has some new improvements in his life which he is not happy about.

Chris has some mural ideas for a conversion van.

Sal and Chris listen to another voicemail from a listener.

Sal shares some insight on the dynamics in his home.

Music Intro:

The Unipiper – “Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes”

Music Outro:
Kyle Hartman – “Not Playing Stupid Outro Music”

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