True Story Comedy Podcast
True Story Comedy Podcast

NPS Podcast Episode 023: Valentine’s Day Made Us Sick

On this week’s episode:

Chris comes to the realization that he might be bully,

Chris reveals that his stress level with the new house is now gone because he is no longer buying the new house,

Sal tells a story where he accidentally ate something that wasn’t food,

Sal gives an update on his lower back pain and his upcoming procedure,

Chris describes his latest visit to the back doctor as well,

Sal reads from an article from Men’s Heath Fitness about the 9 places you should never stick your Penis by Andrew Daniels,

Chris believes that there should be a Dikk Class to teach young men what not to do with their dikks,

Chris tells a story from a few months ago, that Sal had forgotten about,

Chris proposes an materialistic/ethical values question to Sal,

Chris and Sal share Valentine’s day stories from a long time ago,

Chris recalls stories about his son and poop,

We read a text message from a listener describing his sexual experience,

Chris reveals a story about a girl throwing up on him while having sex with her,

Sal tells a story where his roommate’s sex partner threw up all over him while having oral sex,

We read an E-mail from a listener about him drinking too much while doing the dishes,

Sal goes on Facebook live again,

Chris busts Sal’s balls about him keeping a Tupperware full of sand that he collected over 17 years ago,

Sal plays a few drunk voice mails that he left a few days ago,

Chris’s Aunt was shocked after she heard our Podcast,

Music Intro:

The Unipiper – “Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes”

Music Outro:
Kyle Hartman – “Not Playing Stupid Outro Music”

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