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True Story Comedy Podcast

Chris Hendricks

Authored by the winners of our contest “Write Our Bio” Thomas “Turtle” Bennett & Elijah “Admiral Poop Nose” Fischer

Chris “You Meant What I Knew” Hendricks

   Chris was born in Fresno California in the 1870’s ish. It was really hard for him growing up. He was confused sexually and dated his 1st cousin. (who went on to win Miss Fresno’s hottest meth addict with most of her teeth still.) After he finally figured out he licked the ladies he got the fuck out of Fresno. After he graduated he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. So after kicking around San Diego (Whales Vagina) for a little while, and getting sexually confused again buy all the semen around he joined the Air Force and spent the next 20 some years fucking his way repeatedly around the globe. And since he has no fucking clue what a goddamn condom is, who knows how many kids he has in 3rd, 4th and 5th world countries. Or how the fuck he still has a working cock. While he was in the military he married a practice wife. (don’t ask don’t tell??) while they loved each other.. Ish. He wasnt happy with her felatio skills and left her. 10 or so years later he met his forever wife. For the sake of protecting her identity we will call her Mrs. Longcon.  And since Chris still has no fucking clue what the fuck a condom is he ends up with 15 kids (that he knows of) and a Manny van. But it’s OK. He is happy (or to dumb to know better) 

 Him and his wife started a business after he retired from working on airplanes for uncle Sam. They have a very loving home with an NFL roster of mini Chris’ running around. 

 When not getting conned by his wife or running the business Chris enjoys Co hosting the Notplayingstupid  podcast with his Hetro(ish) life mate. 

Chris “The Hipster” Hendricks has been twirling his mustache to his own tune since his days in The Golden State. Having spent so much time in the U.S. Military, Chris has gotten a fondness for hangin with dudes which translated into his and Sal’s lovechild The Not Playing Stupid Podcast! From this pedestal he has enlightened his fans on how to piss of his wife or how to troll his children. Fans and friends are still wondering how he got such a gorgeous women to have 2(and 1 on the way) great looking kids with him.

Chris is really is a great guy. He spends ample time engaging with his friends and fans on social media and at events and makes 1 half of an amazing and talented duo.

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