True Story Comedy Podcast
True Story Comedy Podcast

NPS Podcast Episode 020: Titanic Douche Dikks

On this week’s episode:

Sal and Chris are joined by Seattle’s #1 Rock Station DJ and the Podcast host of the Migs Cast…Steve Migs,

Chris insults our guest right out the gate,

Steve explains farting around his dog and Wife,

Chris talks about farting on his kids,

Chris gives Steve insight on babies being born,

Chris explains his shitty morning on the road,

Sal tells a story about getting pulled over by the cops,

Steve reveals that he recently yelled at a friend’s child,

Chris talks about him teasing his son and his son’s girls friend,

Sal talks about some recent confrontations he has had,

Steve shares a story where he wore a Bert costume at a fish concert,

Chris remembers a story of him tripping at the Gorge,

We play, Where did they hide it? Tangents galore…


Music Intro:

The Unipiper – “Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes”

Music Outro:
Kyle Hartman – “Not Playing Stupid Outro Music”

All of Kyle Hartman’s original music can be downloaded for free at

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