True Story Comedy Podcast
True Story Comedy Podcast

NPS Podcast Episode 012: Lord of the Fruit Flies

On this week’s episode:

Sal talks about the guys working on his new house.

Chris talks about the funk that comes from his gym clothes.

Fluffy Dave lets us down then Chris lets us down,

Cue the attack of the fruit flies,

Chris hates commuting and vents about it,

Sal tells his story about his accident on I-5,

Chris talks about his son pissing on the highway,

Chris loves this new video mocking the Movie Frozen “Do you want some coke man?”

Sal talks about his new tree that he carved,

Sal is going to have new animals after his house is built,

Chris and Sal argue about pullout method as an effective birth control method,

Sal tells a story about him failing at grocery shopping,

We listen to a voice mail from a listener,

Chris reveals that he used to work as a scuba diver for a tourist fish boat

Music Intro:

The Unipiper – “Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes”

Music Outro:

Cyranek – “Never Gonna Give You Up – MLG Airhorn Remix”

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